Lessons From COVID19

So, I was sitting at home during this whole COVID19 fiasco and I was watching a classic 80’s movie, The Karate Kid. One of the main characters, Daniel, was a kid from New Jersey, that recently moved to southern California and who finds a friend, Mr. Miyagi. The two were unlikely friends considering Daniel was […]

Stretch – Don’t Stretch

To stretch or not to stretch Before we even go down this road, understand that I am not against stretching in general. I just believe it has its place and time. I also think that it is done too much by some. Before you stretch, you need to figure out why you are tight. Stretching […]

Road Map

Your Road Map When I was a kid, I remember traveling to New York City with my grandparents. They wanted me to see as much of the east coast as possible, so we drove. My grandfather mapped out the whole trip. He got out his road map (the kind that folds out) and looked at […]