The New Age Golf Training

The New Age of Golf Training is Creating Stronger and More Athletic Golfers Than Ever Before December 12, 2015 0 SharesShare on FacebookShare on Twitter The name of the game in modern golf training is improving athleticism. Tour players now work harder and smarter than ever on their fitness and strength training. Strength training has […]

5 Lessons Learned From Training Those With Low Back Pain

5 Lessons Learned From Training Those With Low Back Pain Fri Dec 11, 2015 by Dean Somerset This post was authored by Dean Somerset and originally posted on Eric Cressey’s blog. It’s reposted here with permission. I’ve had the distinct honor of working with a wide variety of clients. Some have been fresh from spinal […]

Bodyweight Deep Squats To Maintain Function

Tip: Do a Deep Bodyweight Squat Daily Want to retain athletic functioning and mobility for life? All you need is 30 seconds a day. Here’s what to do. by Bret Contreras | 11/22/15 Tags: Tips The deep squat is an essential movement pattern that you’ll lose if you don’t perform it regularly. Do it at […]

Advanced Screening: How I Use The TPI Screen

Advanced Screening: How I Use The TPI Screen Thu Nov 19, 2015 by Jason Glass I am continually asked about my screening process and my process for determining the golfer’s “pink elephant” or key element, that when changed, will maximize their potential. Every athlete presents a new challenge; different combination of passes and fails which […]

The Top 6 Physical Attributes Of Elite Golfers

Sun Nov 1, 2015 by Nick Buchan One of my major roles in working with a golfer is to identify and fix physical limitations that might interfere  with an athlete’s ability to best “acquire” the swing mechanics for them. As such when I’m watching the top golfers in the world I’m often looking to identify […]

Exercise vs Training

First and foremost, exercise is great. It is well understood that the benefits of exercise are numerous. I will get into these benefits in an upcoming blog as a matter of fact. When I decided to write this blog out I realized I was in the middle of planning out some of my clients offseason […]

Should Golfers Lift Weights?

If golfers lift weights will this limit their range of motion? Will it increase their chance of injury? These are valid questions and ones that I’ve heard a million times. The answer is…possibly. However, replace these questions with riding in a car, riding a bike or almost anything else and the answer will be…possibly. Can […]