A plan for 2021

A plan for 2021 It is getting to be that time of year again. The time when people everywhere have decided they are sick of being and feeling unhealthy. The time of year when we tend to overeat the most. At Thanksgiving we have the one day of gluttony and it is followed up with […]

Lessons From COVID19

So, I was sitting at home during this whole COVID19 fiasco and I was watching a classic 80’s movie, The Karate Kid. One of the main characters, Daniel, was a kid from New Jersey, that recently moved to southern California and who finds a friend, Mr. Miyagi. The two were unlikely friends considering Daniel was […]

Stretch – Don’t Stretch

To stretch or not to stretch Before we even go down this road, understand that I am not against stretching in general. I just believe it has its place and time. I also think that it is done too much by some. Before you stretch, you need to figure out why you are tight. Stretching […]

Road Map

Your Road Map When I was a kid, I remember traveling to New York City with my grandparents. They wanted me to see as much of the east coast as possible, so we drove. My grandfather mapped out the whole trip. He got out his road map (the kind that folds out) and looked at […]

Mobility 101

Mobility 101 Often times people develop pain in their low back, knee, shoulder etc. They go to see a doctor and he/she will examine the area of concern and likely will prescribe a steroid dose pack or give a cortisone shot in the area. The patient leaves the doctor’s office and within a short time […]

Change part 2

When making changes in your life, whether it be personal relationships, career, fitness, etc., there are things that you can expect to happen and you will likely not like some of them. Not everyone is going to be on board with whatever your change is and you have to be ok with that. Many people […]

It Depends

IT DEPENDS There are many times where I am asked a question about a particular exercise or movement. Is the exercise a good one? Is the movement exercise going to be helpful? If I have performed a physical evaluation, where I have measured out ranges of motion in the hips, hip flexion, T-spine, shoulders, etc. […]


This is going to be a very direct blog post about real change. This is going to be a post that hopefully challenges the reader to take some sort of action. I listen to a lot of what Eric Thomas, a very popular motivational speaker, has to say about change. I recently listened to a […]

Reprogramming The Body

The purpose of my last post was to draw attention to the ever growing problems that often result from poor ergonomics. The repetitive and, often, inactive physical nature of our daily routines is taking a toll. Sitting at desks all day, standing in a fixed position on hard surfaces, or repetitively lifting and lowering objects […]

Obesity Is Not Our Enemy….It’s A Symptom

Obesity For quite some time now, I’ve been under the assumption that obesity is the enemy in this country. According to an article published by a UCLA professor, 42% of children in America are either obese or overweight. For adults the number is broken down into age groups. Thirty-five percent (35%) of Americans ages 60 […]