Lessons From COVID19

So, I was sitting at home during this whole COVID19 fiasco and I was watching a classic 80’s movie, The Karate Kid. One of the main characters, Daniel, was a kid from New Jersey, that recently moved to southern California and who finds a friend, Mr. Miyagi. The two were unlikely friends considering Daniel was around 16 and Mr. Miyagi was around 70.

The premise, as if you don’t already know, is Daniel meets a girl. The two become a couple, but her ex-boyfriend, Johnny, doesn’t want her to be with anyone else. Johnny spends a great deal of the movie terrorizing Daniel. Johnny and his buddies beat Daniel to a pulp repeatedly, until Mr. Miyagi intercedes. He decides that it would be better for Daniel fight Johnny and his buddies in an upcoming tournament. Johnny and his buddies agree to the stipulations which are, they are not allowed to touch Daniel until the tournament.

Daniel was not excited about this. He did not see the how this solved anything. Mr. Miyagi decided that he would train Daniel in karate to give a better chance. This is where the lessons come into play.

Mr. Miyagi began the training by teaching Daniel to wax the car (wax on, wax off), sand the floor (left circle, right circle) and paint the fence (up, down). Daniel is mostly frustrated by this. He thought he was going to be training for a karate tournament, but instead he feels like a slave. He could not see the forest for the trees. Mr. Miyagi showed Daniel how each thing taught him how to properly defend himself. He had been learning all along. He was just too busy concentrating on the negative.

Like Daniel, we all learn lessons, even if we can’t see it. This Corona Virus has us all feeling trapped. We are supposed to be working, living our lives, being outside, on spring break vacation, etc. Instead, we are all practicing social distancing and searching for toilet paper. However, there are some lessons here we can learn.

First, we are all often too busy to enjoy life. We work long hours and fill up the rest of our days/nights with activities that leave us with very little time to just be home. This virus has most of us home, spending time with our families and not going anywhere. This is the best time to just be with the family and to just reconnect with them. This virus is giving us more family time.

Secondly, we are getting more rest than we have in a long time. If you’re like me, you don’t have a lot of time to take naps. I have taken more naps in the last few days than I have in quite some time. Rest is a necessary thing that we mostly ignore. We run ourselves until we either collapse or get sick and are forced to be still. This virus is giving us an opportunity to rest.

Thirdly, we are getting an opportunity to use our imaginations to get our workouts in. I love lifting weights. I love pulling weight off the floor and pushing weight up. However, with gyms closed everywhere we are forced to create new programs. I sat down and wrote out three new body weight programs that can be done just about anywhere. Body weight exercises are great because they are usually less stressful on the joints. We often go to the gym to make ourselves healthier, but we forget that there must be some variety in our workouts. It does not always have to be done with barbells and dumbbells. This virus is giving our bodies/joints the recovery needed to keep us healthier.

Like Daniel, we too have lessons to be learned. However, if we are focused only on the trees, we will never see the forest. We must look at the positives. Lemons were handed out, so lemonade must be made. Use this time in the most productive way possible and see if it changes your overall view of the situation. I think you will find that it does.

I’m writing this and I know that many have concerns about their income and jobs. I am in no way trying to diminish these concerns. We are all in the same boat. This virus is giving us all a chance to remember that. Let’s make the most of it and like the old saying says, “this too shall pass.”


Jeremy Crowe

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