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Your Road Map
When I was a kid, I remember traveling to New York City with my grandparents. They wanted me to see as much of the east coast as possible, so we drove. My grandfather mapped out the whole trip. He got out his road map (the kind that folds out) and looked at all the major interstates we would follow for our trip. We drove through North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and then on into New York. Along the way there were traffic issues that caused us, at times, to make detours or we just had to sit and wait out the delay. Fitness is a lot like this.

When we first set out to improve our fitness, we should make a plan. The plan should be clear and easy to follow. Many people go to a gym with a friend who has already been working out for a while and try to do what they’re doing. This is usually a mistake. First, most people don’t have fundamental movement patterns down. They can’t properly hip hinge, stand up from a chair using their glutes, move their ankles sufficiently and have terrible upper body posture. To walk in to a gym and begin working out with weights before addressing these issues leads to more issues. Most people need some sort of assessment or screen before starting an exercise program.
What does this assessment/screen tell you? If done properly, it can tell you whether or not your mobile joints are mobile enough. It can tell you whether your stable joints are stable enough. It can tell you whether or not your movement quality is sufficient or needs work. It can establish any pre-existing conditions (low back pain, previous surgeries, shoulder or neck pain, ect.) that might impede progress. It can also establish realistic short-term goals and lofty long-term goals. This assessment/screen is your road map. It shows us where to start.

Let’s say that everybody is headed to New York (New York will represent the end goal for everybody’s fitness). The goal is the same, but the starting point is different. Some people start in Los Angeles and have a long road ahead. They will have many initial obstacles to overcome and there will be some detours along the way. Some start in Illinois and their road is long but not as long as others. They will have detours and delays, but they should reach their goal. Some people start out in New Jersey. They have a much shorter road. They will have little to no delays and will reach their goal.

Fitness is the same. Some people have many obstacles to overcome and their road is much longer. Others have a few hurdles and although it will take some time, their journey won’t be as challenging. Some people are just genetically gifted, and they achieve great fitness relatively easy and with seemingly little effort. Despite what some may think, we are not all created equal. If we were, we would all be as fast as Usain Bolt, brilliant as Albert Einstein or as artisticly gifted as Van Gogh.
At JC Strength & Conditioning, I can help you with your goals. I offer assessments/screens to identify where you are physically right now. We identify any physical issues that need to be addressed such as mobility or flexibility issues, stability issues, strength deficits, etc. This will be your new foundation to build from. We will use this initial screen to compare your future assessments to. We can track your progress. After all, when traveling to New York, you want to be sure that you are heading in the right direction. Your assessment is our navigation system.

Go to and check out my services. I will be offering online training in the very near future. You can contact me through my website for more information. Don’t wait another day to start feeling better.

Jeremy Crowe, MS, CSCS

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