Mobility 101

Mobility 101

Often times people develop pain in their low back, knee, shoulder etc. They go to see a doctor and he/she will examine the area of concern and likely will prescribe a steroid dose pack or give a cortisone shot in the area. The patient leaves the doctor’s office and within a short time will begin to feel less pain. The doctor fixed the patient, or did he/she? The answer is often times no, they did not fix the patient. They merely give them a temporary reprieve from feeling the pain. What caused the pain to begin with? If your shoulder hurts the issue is usually not pertaining to the shoulder. If your low back hurts, it usually is not pertaining to the low back. This is merely where the pain landed.

A logical question would be, how do you figure out the cause of the pain? The answer is through a quick discussion with the person about what they do for a living, what hobbies they have or what are their normal daily activities. This information tells a lot about the what requirements are being put on their body on a daily basis. If they sit all day they likely have tight hip flexors. If they are at a computer all day they likely have tight hip flexors, rounded shoulders & a forward neck position. All of these symptoms usually lead to pain. Once this information is gathered, figuring out the cause is usually pretty simple. Figuring out the plan of attack is relatively simple most of the time. However, there are times that the plan of attack is more complicated.

So now that we’ve found the cause, what now? We attack it. We work around, not through, the painful movements. We improve movement habits. We then make them permanent. This is how is the map to being pain free begins.

Do you have to wait to be in pain to start this process? No. Being reactionary is very popular in this country. Being proactive is seldom done. How can you be proactive with your body? Move. Make sure your moving parts move and your stable parts are stable. How do you know which is which? You can study up on anatomy, biomechanics and physiology and teach yourself. Or, you can work with someone who has the knowledge to assess you and then plan your programming accordingly. Cookie cutter programs are a lazy way to train someone. Your program should be based on your needs. I am more than qualified to help you and I would love to be a part of your journey to being a better you.

You can also sign up for one of my mobility classes. This class is unlike any other class around here. It’s not yoga or pilates. It’s a class that moves you from ankles to your neck. Mobile parts move and stable parts stabilize. We do some spinal decompression as well. You will find out where you need to improve very quickly in this class.

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The biggest lie you will hear about your body is that aging causes you to lose mobility. The truth is we quit moving and our body adapts to this. It simply quits working the way it was intended. Come see me and lets get it back.


Jeremy Crowe

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